Orphanage in Wada

During our visit to Wada – Dhanu – Dist. Palghar – Maharashtra which is about 100 km from Mumbai. We have adopted over 150 children and are planning to setup Training Institution, a Nursing Home, Hospital, Solar power project, and water supply project for irrigation with the help of Local business man.

physically challenged / cancer children

We are blessing few physically challenged / cancer children from hutments of Mumbai by promising them with treatments and education.

Response from friends

We have started receiving immense response from all our friends and well wishers and other sectors for extending support

Transgender Community ​

As we started our journey serving mankind, what kept us moving forward day by day was the site of people submerged in poverty helplessly waiting for help. One such community perhaps the most neglected and disregarded among all we encountered was the Transgender”. On seeing the plight of one such community that touched our hearts, is located in South Mumbai where the most affluent business class, Central Administrative office of the Govt. of Maharashtra, as well as headquarters to many MNC’s. This time around, though it was hard for us to believe their plight, we started screening location around Mumbai with the help of various sources to reach out and extend support and help as many as we could. We are delighted to have had the privilege to bless them with food grains and other necessities to over 7 such prominent locations

There are many among them who are well educated and we feel they are employable and can transform their life through our self help support center